DNA Lab Unveiled in Stamford, Aims to Hire 300 Scientists

STAMFORD – A health science technology lab that was unveiled in Harbor Point in Stamford Thursday aims to hire 300 scientists by next year.

Sema4 is a DNA lab aimed to help patients make better health care choices. Eric Schadt, the founder of Sema4, says DNA testing can inform patients of diseases they may be at risk for and how they can be prevented. Scientists working at the lab will analyze DNA samples and report back to doctors.

Sema4 picked Stamford over New York and New Jersey. Economic Development Commissioner David Lehman says the city is a good location because of its increasing population, livable environment and great accesses to transportation. There is also a Sema4 lab in Branford.

Bioscience is already a 20,000-job industry in the state. Schadt says the 300 starting jobs at the new lab is just the beginning. He says if everything goes well, new job opportunities could reach in the thousands.